Pharmacovigilance at Your Fingertips

An Innovative and Robust Platform

innovPV is a user friendly innovative drug safety information analytics and management tool that generates and manages drug safety intelligence information through its robust signal detection engine and cutting-edge data visualizations of data mining outputs from sources such as FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) and EVDAS.
360 Degree Features

Strategizing Drug Safety Management
innovPV provides users with cutting-edge technology that mines and discovers drug safety information quickly and accurately.
Facilitating Risk Benefit Analysis
innovPV facilitates Risk Benefit Analysis with easy to interpret graphical displays of the statistical analysis and downloads of data.
Pharmacovigilance Research
innovPV enables researchers to gain insight into safety information on aggregated drug classes and substances.
Services & Support

We offer quarterly and annual subscriptions, as well as on-demand services. These services come equipped with a full suite of technical support features such as live training and live chat support.